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Ichigo Kurosaki

:bulletorange:Status: Human, Substitute Soul Reaper, Visored
:bulletorange:Birthday:   July 15
:bulletorange:Age: 15-17
:bulletorange:Gender: Male
:bulletorange:Height:   174 cm (5'9")
:bulletorange:Weight:   61 kg (134 lbs)
:bulletorange:Blood Type:   A

:bulletorange:Shikai:   Zangetsu
:bulletorange:Bankai:   Tensa Zangetsu

:bulletorange:Japanese Voice Actor:   Masakazu Morita, Yuki Matsuoka (child)
:bulletorange:English Voice Actor:    Johnny Yong Bosch, Mona Marshall (child)

Digital Art
Ichigo Kurosaki by Cielrune New Ichigo by kyubisharingan

Mature Content

...Found you... by rydi1689
Black moon by oione :thumb184221912: Ichigo is back by Hayashi-Kashun no reason to fight by oranges-lemons :thumb175993977: Ichigo with Scarf by LemonPo Ichigooo by CosmicSpectrumm BLEACH-Kurosaki Ichigo by shuangwen Bleach by spirapride :thumb57472356: - BLEACH - Ichigo - by sergio-quijada Ichigo by MuseSilver Bankai by charlestanart CON - Bleach - Ichigo by ArsenicsamA BLEACH-- ICHIGO by DarkChildx2k Le Protecteur by CaptainBerunov This Is How I Disappear by kara-lija :thumb91734864: Bleach: Burning Out Ichigo by mazjojo FANART: Ichigo Vaizard v.3 by Quirkilicious ICHIGO by theCEOofDEATH Ichigo Kurosaki print by MKage Ichigo by Bosmitze Bleach Ichigo by RAE by siguredo BLEACH - Ichigo's bankai by yanimator Bleach - Ichigo Kurosaki by Ninjatic Bad Ichigo by Orioto .Bleach. by sakimichan Ichigo 5 by iDNAR BBCP: Kurosaki Ichigo by zanazac Ichigo by KostanRyuk Ichigo by bayanghitam -Bleach- Kurosaki Ichigo by korilin ichigo poster by jiuge

"It's meaningless to just live, it's meaningless to just fight. I want to win!"

Traditional Art
:thumb177260117: Immense Spritual Pressure by delboysb91 Bleach---Ichigo by Psssking :thumb156063574: Ichigo sad colored by Haruwe Ichigo for Noxsis by pika Ichigo Orihime by Ecthelian Kurosaki Ichigo 01 by airasan BLEACH: Kurosaki Ichigo 2 by blackstorm ICHIGO: What yer looking at? by blackstorm BLEACH - Kurosaki ICHIGO -Burn by Washu-M Kurosaki by Ecthelian 15 -redux- by MediaViolence Bleach-Ichigo-CAKEandDRINK by DreamworldStudio ichigo by EatToast Getsuga Tensho by cherubchan

"I'm not superman, so I can't say anything big like I'll protect everyone on earth. I'm not a modest guy who will say it's enough if I can protect as many people as my two hands can handle either. I want to protect a mountain-load of people."

ichigo_8 by kaname-lovers Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki by SFLiminality Duel by shiroin Bleach: Deathberry by behindinfinity I'm super by Leox90 BLEACH: Kurosaki, Ichigo by Khokolotte :thumb184950477: ichigo bankai 3 by die-chan Ichigo cosplay by Pisaracosplay Konoha Anbu Ichigo Kurosaki by Leox90 Ichigo -- AnimeFest 08 by neodapanther Bleach : Kurosaki Ichigo 2 by naokunn :thumb199309686: Bleach : Kurosaki Ichigo by naokunn Ichigo First Istant by Leox90 Bleach: Kurosaki Ichigo by behindinfinity Kurosaki Ichigo+Cosplay+V+ by Fay-lin Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki 2 by SFLiminality Ichigo no Horo-ka Kanryou by SHlMATTA-BAKA-Nl

"Big brothers... you know why they're born first? To protect the little ones that come after them!! What kind of brother says that he'll KILL his own sister?! Even a MONSTER shouldn't say that!!"

:iconichigo-fc::iconeverything-ichigo::iconichigo-lover: :iconichigofanclub::icononly-ichigo0::iconall-ichigo-fanclub: :iconstrawberryfanclub:

:bulletorange: Mugestu and Hollow Ichigo forms will be displayed in another article due to the large amount of wonderful arts on the topic.
:bulletorange: I am mainly trying to keep the image focus on the character, so I avoid picking group pictures.
:bulletorange: I can not change this article after posted, so I apologize if I make a mistake but I can't fix it. ^^;
:bulletorange: Please :+fav: The article if you enjoy it! :heart:
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Wonderful article with full display of talents poured down on our lovely Ichi-nii.
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