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March 1, 2010


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Mermaid/ Merman
Similar Creatures: Siren, Ondine/undines, Merfolk, Sea Maidens, Nereids

“A mermaid found a swimming lad,
Picked him for her own,
Pressed her body to his body,
Laughed; and plunging down
Forgot in cruel happiness
That even lovers drown.”
- William Butler Yeats

“Another prodigy called mermaid has also been seen there. This appears to have the form of a woman from the waist upward, for it has large nipples on its breast like a woman, long hands and heavy hair, and its neck and head are formed in every respect like those of a human being. The monster is said to have large hands and its fingers are not parted but bound together by a web like that which joins the toes of water fowls. Below the waist line it has the shape of a fish with scales and tail and fins.”
-Speculum Regale

“This morning one of our company looking over board saw a mermaid . . . from navel upward, her back and breasts were like a woman's (as they say that saw her) her body as big as one of us; her skin very white; and long hair hanging down behind, of color black; in her going down they saw her tail, which was like the tail of a porpoise and speckled like a mackerel.”
-From Henry Hudson

Mermaid - Undine by Endymiasyzygy mermaid FINISHED by rinabina123 :thumb52228032: BLUE Mermaid #2 by Hey-Poo-Guy The Mermaid by Piebaron The little mermaid by xxxKei87xxx Mermaid Thalassa by mynti Pearl Mermaid by MommySpike Mermaid by LilliathMermaid Commission by RenaeDeLiz Mermaid by aichan25 Mermaid by Kame-Urashima Little mermaid by CathM mermaid by siudajSTEJ Mermaid's Touch by Katerina-Art The Mermaid by Felixdeon Reddish Mermaid by Hey-Poo-Guy :thumb24875181: Sirena Spanish Mermaid and VID by RenaeDeLiz the little mermaid by jurithedreamer :thumb8173793: Green mermaid by landipan tropical mermaid by thereseldavis Lionfish Mermaid by zepheenia .Mermaid. by landipan Mermaid by daddy-likes-men11 blackrose8009 mermaid commish by tagl Mermaid by Gemell :thumb49682130: Mermaid by pinchi Mermaid by Eudocia Aquarium Mermaid by The-Darkwolf If I were a mermaid.... by zepheenia KISS ME IMMA MERMAID by Zakeno Mermaid II by mari-kris ACEO Mermaid with lights by Aiko282 mermaid by Snake-Artist Swallowed By the Sea by Digital-Tea The Little Mermaid by Noss91 :thumb143173922: lonely Mermaid by DeedNoxious mermaid by mallia9 Mermaid by BedlamOfDreams .Mermaid. by Hawky515 plastic mermaid by driany Mermaid. by 3001 blue and yellow mermaid by cfyrch Cat and Mermaid by MalteseLizzieMcGee Dying Mermaid, blue version by CaroleHumphreys Little Mermaid and Merkitten by bigcatdesigns Little Sea Horse and Mermaid by imaginism blue mermaid by Monaku Mermaid by ZombiePirate :thumb92000343: Eel-Mermaid by andrea-koupal Mermaid by fate135 My Pink Mermaid by dreamangelkristi Reef Mermaid by RoseOnyxis mermaid by zanzibars Mermaid's Dream by RezoKaishauri Zoomorphic Mermaid by WrensHollow :thumb59065404: Freshwater by JessicaMDouglas :thumb92212229: Spanish Dancers by Chael Merman by littletrinks Cold Air by drachenmagier :thumb120802738: Ordovician Abnormalities by tekeliliMerman by PsychoTiyal St. Merman of Orphaned Seals by barbarasobczynska Nex by ChaelThe Merrow by Yonaka-Yamako Ocean beauty:. by Farbenfrei Storm by Yundah Green Mermaid by SAkURA-JOkER :thumb58601626: Mermaid by pentipentipen Chantrea by Chael Catch of the day by ConnyChiwa :thumb108440071: Fishboy by Rickitte .Commission: Octomaid. by AyceWatah Anglerfish by Dessidesu Mermaid by fUnKyToEs :thumb57097139:Merman - Sketch by mike-nash coral fish by Roncheg :thumb112301975: Hourglass mermaid by ChaelMermaid inks by miyu-chan Mermaid by themikamar :thumb102854813: Mermaid by The-Masha-One MERMAID 2008 by pat-mcmichael Mermaid by Cooldot- Mermaid by sugar22 Mermaid by Alexiel99 Mermaid - I'll Keep Waiting by D17rulez :thumb127748155: The new mermaid by Ludimie Fancy Fancy Mermaid by pink-porcupine Mermaid 2 by daisyamnell :thumb58997836: Mermaid Ink by YoLuTi :thumb18049277: .Mermaid. by stargate4ever23 Narwhal's Mermaid by AmandaTurnage Mermaid Cave by dashinvaine :thumb22754739: Mermaid by FiddlersGreen Mermaid by Aku-sama Mermaid Mask by GingerKellyStudio Mucha mermaid by dreamhuntress Dark Mermaid by Snigom Serpent Mermaid by squeakychewtoy Mermaid 2 by daisyamnell Mermaid by superchickenn123 The Little Mermaid by Liennepien Mermaid by SrtaQuesadilla :thumb29202475: Mermaid's Smile by Katerina-Art Mermaid by WaveGlistening Mermaid by Kennon9 Mermaid by DarkArt8267 Mermaid Tattoo by RazorSharp92788 :thumb149251979: Moments of Serenity by Snow-Owl mermaid by artstain Mermaid 4 by literary-magic mermaid and angler by AvantFae Mermaid by Akasha-Caduceus Little Mermaid Girl by jadeLoTuZ Lonely Mermaid by littlecrow :thumb152697540: MERMAID by ladarkfemme Resting Mermaid by LinzArcher mermaid vs shark redux by hiraistrange Mermaid Commission by dpdagger Anonymous Mermaid by friedsashimi7 Mermaid 7 by H-M-B :thumb79452801: Mermaid by Ancalagon05 Mulatto Mermaid by x-Jazzy-B-Real-x Mermaid Kiku by Foux :thumb105466377:Mermaid 6 by H-M-B :thumb111680583: Mermaid 3 by H-M-B Glasses? by Chael Merman Lurve by Kromespawn merman by artstain :thumb129409054: Merman - Commission by Jianre-M Merman by daekazu :thumb10859414: Merman show his true colours by Dasycneme Kingyou the Beta Merman by bishounenhunter Head and skeleton of a merman by HarrietKaarre  Proelium by DarkWizardKitsune Merfei by AmandaTurnage .Dagon. by Tirael "I'll be waiting for you" by Sjostrand Tastes of Fish............ by UN2814 Wet Kisses by LinzArcher -- siren reload -- by jadedice

Poppy Mermaid ACEO by MeredithDillman mermaid with stolen heart by Sugil Mermaid with seahorses by AvantFae The Little Mermaid - Hideaway by GoddessVirage The Little Mermaid by littlecrow mermaid in the swimming pool by Yaro42 Beached Mermaid Fin by dashinvaine Mermaid by birdybear A mermaid in the sunset by marcobusoni Ciclid Mermaid by Wenchworks Koi mermaid by MeredithDillman Mermaid and Doll JozefSzekeres by Jozef-Szekeres Moon Mermaid by SelinaFenech The Mermaid by Terrauh :thumb26247182: a mermaid after school by asahinoboru The Last Baltic Mermaid by Yaro42 Mermaid by Kirstine Mermaid by Wenchworks
:thumb100347436: Mermaid Moon by mollyh :thumb78690797: A Pirates Life for Me by SelinaFenech Sea of Roses by SelinaFenech Backwards Mermaid by RayArray Summer Pearl Mermaid by dreamangelkristi :thumb140291374: Emerald Mermaid by mollyh Pearl of the Deep Sea by puimun Betta Mermaid by B0RN2BWILD Deadly Beauty by Hbruton Diver and Mermaid by kimdemulder The Little Mermaid by Bloodhaunt :thumb133747729: Mermaid by ElenaTria Deep Water Mermaid by Deramis The electric mermaid by whiteshaixmermaid cigar box by pigtailgoddess :thumb57097416: A Real Mermaid by Laiyla mermaid by yuana Mermaid's Kiss by khorah Moonlit Mermaid by Katerina-Art Mermaid by IfigNouveau Mermaid by janey-jane The Russian mermaid by MonkeyDKiba May theme: FISH MONSTERS 1 by missmonster Raven Waves by eshkenazi :thumb75581269: Sea Rose by ElvenstarArt :thumb117479426: Sunset Mermaid by kimdemulder Sanctuary by Kuoma Davy Jones's locker by E-f-e-u MeRmAiD's SeCrEt ChAmBeR by Anzel-X Queen of the Deep by Wenchworks Mermaid Dreams by JimWarren Acrylic Mermaid Painting by Carliihde mermaid by cathydelanssay blue mermaid by junfran13 Mermaid's Daydream by spiderlady Deep Sea Medusa by MisticUnicorn Four of Cups by puimun :thumb10502189: Demi Sea Princess by Chael Mermaid by UrsulaAppleBaby Mermaid by sheldonsartacademy :thumb116234135:Little Mermaid Portrait by kamarzaThe little mermaid by TannenzapfenBeached Mermaid Fin by dashinvaine Mermaid by ColletteJEllis Mermaid is taking a nap by efira-japan Mermaid by Ana-Twins Aztec mermaid by renata-studio Mermaid by gxiong Olivine Mermaid by Imperess Fleeting memories by TrollGirl Different Worlds by SteveDelamare Card47 - Wash Away Your Burden by ravynnephelan Low Tide by Cynnalia Quiet Time by thedreamflier Draper's Bay by VampireHungerStrike seadragons by AvantFae Golden Mermaid by BarbaraBrownArt Winged Mermaid by rainesz Choose Your Poison by AngelaSasser Sereia by ricardoafranco Siren Song by candcfantasyart Siren by bumble-boo Sea Holly Mermaid by Sarakatt Confessions by Raipun Stonybrook Banneret by RalphHorsley Fins by AmandaTurnage :thumb32717102: Fishy Bishi by Zackichan The aquarium by LadySybile Moondance by merwing Indigo by carolinebradley :thumb148936817: Page of Cups by puimun Hymn to Undine by redheaded-step-child Oarfish Mermaid by Jadiekins Pescadita by driany Call of the Sea by kirstinmills Siren by Anoki-Doll Sedna by yara001

Mixed Media
:thumb58090653: Mermaid by Nekonari :thumb112079835: the ebb and the flow by Cephalopodwaltz .Ulan the Betta. by Asyd-Rayn Water by kyuhketsuki Underwater by Tiara-C Mythology Exchange - Mirin by GoddessVirage Merman in color by Qwaychou Hello Mr. Fish by liliesformary THE LITTLE MERMAID by Voodoomamma :thumb6464470: :thumb14489838: The Prince in Pearls by SingularDisease How The Mermaid Feels by christophermoonlight mermaids by VIKEEjee La sirene nouvelle by Itzea To the Siren, Sanguine + Sepia by sphinxmuse Reflection by daleziemianski :thumb81641635: Murky Waters by tifachan :thumb80038654: :thumb21386178: :thumb123036643: :thumb12613323: :thumb25288278: :thumb65468965: :thumb64703995: :thumb82576532: :thumb91264330: :thumb80477648: :thumb21958413: :thumb91886489: :thumb146185019: :thumb40113694: :thumb137213519: :thumb105948449: :thumb22553953: :thumb23578389: :thumb29401275:

Sculpture/ Artisan Crafts
:thumb134254267: :thumb108001873: :thumb74896282: :thumb89292884: :thumb101510657: :thumb126461196: :thumb144212831: :thumb55367787: :thumb136649010: :thumb144273821: :thumb34903644: :thumb69112201: :thumb45843341: :thumb57953778: :thumb121382218: :thumb127352184: :thumb142583685: :thumb88667902: :thumb47560663: :thumb120524973: :thumb92532953: :thumb113313000: :thumb150303836:

:thumb147753844: :thumb81444176: :thumb100610355: :thumb123245825: :thumb51553296: :thumb90298109: :thumb115584099: :thumb94510435: :thumb91943395: :thumb141295172: :thumb53525554: :thumb28695004: :thumb17425972: :thumb136796926: :thumb24409090: :thumb76558761: :thumb136908049: :thumb54712970:

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