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November 27, 2012
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 So I have fallen in love with a horror game and that game is Ib (actually pronouced as "Eve" but try telling that to my mind). Beautiful in its simplicity of game play and amazing story-line, it is a definite must play. And it seems my admiration is not only limited to myself, as you will see the many spectacular artists inspired by this game!

Some Information about the game

:bulletred: IB is a freeware horror game developed through the use of RpgMaker 2000/2003 by kouri and translated by VGperson.

:bulletyellow: The story revolves around Ib, a nine-year-old girl who visits an art museum with her parents. She looks around the museum on her own, and the lights suddenly began to flicker. She realizes that all the people have suddenly vanished without a trace. Ib soon discovers the mysteries of the museum, and the dangers that inhabit it. Source:

:bulletblue: You can download the game here:… (which may be down at the moment) or here:… (click on red title name to get download)

Some Ib Fanart

[Ib] Don't cry, everything is fine. by hizuki24 -Ib- by khrssc Gary from Ib (EDITED) by tsubakin IB by CookieHana Ib Primping by sumiobunnya Ib- Falling by christon-clivefIb by yukihomu Ib by roman-ranman Ib: Memorys Crannies by ymirre Ib -Garry- by Halouette Ib: Joker Mary by Jisonshin Fan Art of IB by edenfox Ib Matsuri by RoezNoah917 Ib by NuX Stay with me IB by yune-d Ib and Mary by vivitank IB by qunariz Ib - Into the Deep World by miimork Ib * Garry by rm-parfait Ib - Garry and his Blue Rose by Allisaer Ib: Into the Gallery by chikappi ib by 134134 Ib: Works of Guertena by ruinaChoose me by yunare outside the frame by lvy-sunflower F - A Forgotten Portrait by Cashile mary by kumashige deep sea by yukihomu Without Salvation by Robinexile Mary(ib) by balltangIb by balltang Garry by lutherum :thumb299591356: Ib by balltang Ib-Garry by Arrrkal Please Don't Leave Me(ib) by balltang [CWHK34]Ib postcard by monkeyyan Ib by soralice Ib by tariirii :thumb303040149: Ib by deathbylolita IB : Memorise by Yen-Cat ib by wanwan-o Ib - Garry by SYKgarden r o s e by meguzm Forgotten Portrait by Daenarys Ib by nemurouReviere by LuckyBlackCatXIII Mary by cencorolling IB fanart by Fuka-Enrique Follow me by nekoyasha89 Ib - the horror gallery by Rebe-chan-vk In her world by SoukiTsubasa Blue Rose by Liennintan Red Rose by Liennintan .Fragmented Blue. by AkiNoKaede26 Ib by IExLibrisI AT: Garry by tirole IB by gyehu IB gary by michivvya Ib - Wake up by Sleii-no-baka Ib - Rose in Cage by Leor-kun To the unknown world by gurinrin When the rose wilts.. by Nyxle Ib by SASASAMI his by fruitscake abyss of the deep by fancycars Run by shiraa9 Ib- A world without you by shilkefair Come with me, Ib by arisawayoru adornare (Ib) by Leiary Ib - Mary by Allisaer Ib- Meet again by christon-clivef Ib Mary by DADAIST-Gabriel IB and Garry by darkshia Ib : expectation vs reality? by Suikka Ib: Garry by Sunflorii Ib by Lmir Ib by nao148 Ib by SYKgarden IB - Nightmare? by HetareHana Ib by kohiu - Ib - by Chizuri Ib. by MagicalNekoLenLen - ib - by Blizz-Mii IB by Jeneko IB by Sukihi Ib by Miyukiko ib by kumashige Ib by tomoki17 Ib-Garry by tenzuki Ib by Ry-Spirit Garry (Ib game) by keerou IB by Shiupika .:: I B : Forgotten Portrait ::.. by mio-chii IB: Where is the key? by Synpai IB by Synpai



:bulletred: A helpful hint with the game (due to a common issue with the game) is that when you reach the crayon sketchbook to hit F4 and minimize the game so the video can play.

:bulletyellow: You can find more of my journal articles here->…

:bulletblue: Thank you all for reading/looking through this article! I sincerely hope you try out the game, and if you could please :+fav: the article so it can get a little more exposure. :heart:

Fanart feature of the freeware horror game Ib.
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