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Urahara Kisuke

:bulletgreen:Status: ex-Shinigami
:bulletwhite:Gender:   Male
:bulletgreen:Birthday:   December 31
:bulletwhite: Eye Color:   Green
:bulletgreen: Hair Color: Blonde

:bulletwhite:Height:   183 cm (6'0")
:bulletgreen:Weight:   69 kg (152 lbs)

:bulletwhite:Shikia   Benihime
:bulletgreen:Bankai   Unknown

:bulletwhite: Japanese Voice Actor:   Shin'ichiro Miki
:bulletgreen: English Voice Actor:    Michael Lindsay

Digital Art
Urahara by eimy1992 Urahara - BLEACH Series by ToPpeRa-TPR Urahara by turpentine-08 Urahara -Comission- by neko-rulz Bleach - URAHARA by pandabaka Urahara Kisuke by Washu-M Urahara and Yoruichi by hueco-mundo Bleach: Day's End by dizzyclown I remember... by Eien-no-hime Yoruichi and Urahara by sketchtastrophe Urahara by nixuboy Urahara Kisuke by levin3d Urahara by sniftpiglet Honey by propensity Kisuke Urahara by zero-zero-nine Hold Me Now: Revisited by Jodimus Bleach: Catnap by ComradeBitter U-chan Fan by erisdoll BLEACH - Ichigo and Urahara by JJH Urahara from bleach by mishinsilo Urahara Kisuke by Eldanis kisuke urahara by whitetom Urahara by heinrichS Urahara Kisuke 2 by Lakkae Kisuke Urahara. by felitomkinson :thumb173371630: URAHARA KISUKE by Hamotilok :thumb195471106: Artful Dodgers by kathrynlayno Surfing Kisuke by Juhani Bleach - Urahara Kisuke by ninnt Bleach - sorry by pandabaka urahara capitain and yoruichi by Chaos-Draco Subtle Badass - Urahara by KrisCynical Urahara Speedy Scrapped by justinwongart Fan of himself by theCHAMBA Mr. Hat and Clogs by Nazgullow Bleach: Kisuke by ComradeBitter Bleach: Kisuke and ichigo by Lavah kakkahattu by Lakkae Hold Me Now by Jodimus Bleach Portraits - Urahara by Technoelfie It is very simple Ichigo by Jatta

"A warrior who has lost his strength will only get in the way "

Traditional Art
:thumb151250348: :thumb150514246: Pilgrim Snow by Schoggie Urahara by Olaunis

Mature Content

Urahara's shop for adult's by Black-Lulu
:thumb157348540: urahara by jimbobpetemoss Urahara Kisuke Sketch by Washu-M + Urahara Kisuke + by blackstorm :thumb91085264: Benihime no O-sama by Kiyokushitaka Urahara - thanks 100 watchers by xshelaghx Urahara Bookmark by psycrowe Rika and Urahara - PSC by Washu-M Urahara Kisuke by tarkheki Urahara Kisuke by ShadeStrifeKyoraku Kisuke by n0rre Hat-and-Clogs by ravencael :thumb134981669: urahara in his room.. by hachidaime

”What's necessary in a fight isn't fear. Nothing can be born of that. When you dodge, "I won't let them cut me." If you protect someone, "I won't let them die." If you attack, "I will kill them." Well, can't you see the resolve to kill you in my sword?

Serenity by Sakura-No-Chimu Meet Junior by aruki BLEACH: Shinji and Kisuke by asuKai Bleach by edokrasnodar Hmm? by Sakura-No-Chimu Thoughtful Urahara by edokrasnodar What do you want, Ichigo? by nikoporu URAHARA KISUKE 1 by EzeMendez URAHARA KISUKE 2 by EzeMendez Urahara Kisuke by mevar BLEACH: Underlings by asuKai Urahara Keisuke by ayafreya Elegance in a gray day by Leox90 Kisuke Urahara Cosplay DONE by vampiric-wolf Bleach ... Urahara Kisuke by moonlightflight Urahara Cosplay1 by baskervill Kisuke Urahara by FiveRings Urahara Keisuke by ayafreya Urahara at Anime Dreams 2011 by Roddy-Shinigami Care to Join Me? by Vash-Fanatic .:Kisuke Urahara Cosplay 3:. by chioky Bleach: Benihime by chioky

"You were just given the key to the door in front of you. There's no need to know the cause. No need for sorrow or sadness. What comes next is up to you. You can use your keys to open the door...or lock it tight. And if you do choose to open can still decide not to pass through”


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:bulletwhite: I am mainly trying to keep the image focus on the character, so I tend to avoid picking group pictures.
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