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August 24, 2012
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Ulquiorra Cifer

:bulletblack: Race: Arrancar

:bulletwhite: Gender: Male

:bulletblack: Birthday:   December 1

:bulletwhite:Hair Color:  Black

:bulletblack:Eye Color  Green

:bulletwhite: Height:  169 cm (5'6½")

:bulletblack: Weight:  55 kg (121 lbs.)

:bulletwhite: Occupation:  4th Espada of Aizen's Arrancar Army

:bulletblack: Resurrecciόn: Murciélago

:bulletwhite: Japanese Voice Actor:  Daisuke Namikawa

:bulletblack: English Voice Actor:  Tony Oliver (Anime), Steven Jay Blum (Bleach: Shattered Blade)

:bulletwhite: ”If you do not know it, then I shall enlighten you. This is the form of true despair.”


Bleach : Ulquiorra Schiffer by Eternal-S BLEACH: Ulquiorra by silvair Ulquiorra by shiroifushicho Ulquiorra tribute - 'Immortal' by shirotenshi-chan BLEACH --Our 'WORLD'-- by shirotenshi-chan A little Bakemono by aksus Demon of Despair by Moonshield4 Ulquiorra in dreadful form by RomaniacC Moonlight Demon by pseudolirium Ulquiorra by Kaoyux Ulquiorra - FALLEN by IFrAgMenTIx ulquiera by N0mm0 BLEACH - ULQUIORRA - Dreaming by Washu-M +When the Soul is Far Away...+ by shirotenshi-chan This World by aksus  We'll meet  again by The-dolphins-cry Ulquiorra Hueco Mundo by Nochiel Orihime and Ulquiorra by shrimpHEBY Never Afraid... by TheGuardianDragon _something about tears_ by NanFe ULQUIORRAORIHIME by mad-sama no escape. by AmritaSama +Warmth+ by moni158 .:UlquiHime:. by irenukia Good bye by eagiel soul by aksus +Ulquiorra Schiffer+ by Orenji-kun Ulquiorra by Nixle ulquiorra by tobiee Murcielago... by paperpixy Therein Lies the Heart by Deus-Nocte Bleach - Ulquiorra Schiffer by doodle-moose Espada Cuatro by AnHellica ulquiorra by animegirl000 Bleach - Cuatro Espada by shuu-washuu Ulquiorra : segunda Etapa by Marizano UlquiHime: hallelujah by Lady-Werewolf 4th Espada: Ulquiora by zamboze Bleach - Ulquiorra X Grimmjow by siguredo Ulquiorra Schiffer_MAJ by Wen-JR BLEACH-- ULQUIORRA by DarkChildx2k   He's a Mean One- by Moonshield4 Strip the Soul, Fill the Hole by Moonshield4 Hope Leaves by Moonshield4 BLEACH - Ulquiorra Shiffer by yanimator Ulquiorra - Sorrow Within by keelerleah Bleach - Ulquiorra Schiffer by keelerleah  The 4th Espada by BobiHartanto +Ulquiorra Unleashed+ by Orenji-kun :thumb175537102: Bind Murcielago by Wen-JR BLEACH: In Ulquiorra's bed by AkubakaArts +Despair+ by moni158 day of tears by suicidollxp Despair by The-dolphins-cry Bleach: Ulquiorra by Unodu Ulquiorra by Kamest Bleach- Ulquiorra. Summer heat by Esk-Phantom Ulquiorra by vesner Bleach bookmark - Ulquiorra by yanimator ulquiorra by Alveeus Bleach: Ulquiorra Shiffer fanart by AkubakaArts _be my sweetheart_ by NanFe Never let you go by Purple-Meow Ulquiorra bookmark by Gerwell Caged by koloromuj :thumb173255810: All Too Soon by aj-chan Ulquiorra by sniftpiglet :thumb299545316: Ulquiorra - Farewell by Nomimo Heart by Purple-MeowUlquiorra - Despair by IFrAgMenTIxHis angel by moni158I want to go home by suicidollxp

:bulletblack:”Hearts, you say? You Humans are always so quick to speak of such things. As though you carry your hearts in the very palms of your hands. But this eye of mine perceives all. There is nothing that it overlooks. If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. That is the assumption under which I have always fought. What is this "heart"? If I tear open that chest of yours, will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there?”

Traditional Art

Ulquiorra Schiffer by TDemisevicius Ulquiorra Orihime:Lucid Dream by Yue-Iceseal Schiffer by arseniic Ulquiorra 2nd form - Bleach by Maevachan bleach :4 espada: by AkiMao Fade to Flames. by cartoongirl7 - Ulquiorra - by alatherna ulquiorra blood by blackCRYSTALeyes Ulquiorra Grimmjow Commission by Cataki Ulquiorra:Too Bad For You Then by mirrorplex Ulquiorra schiffer by Erion90 :BLEACH: Grimmjow_Ulquiorra by liesean ULQUIORRA: Come onna by blackstorm BLEACH - ULQUIORRA - Get Lost by Washu-M Ulquiorra by Ame-Kunoichi CHANGING by rhayenvy BLEACH: Ulquiorra Cifer by blackstorm Yummy by ravefirell Bienvenue dans ma chambre... by Rhapsodii-kun Fight to Survive by Si3art Ulquiorra SSJ by Zzoha BLEACH-ulquiorra by Rhapsodii-kun Just a smile by ChoKohara Bleach - Ohanami by raindian P89 Forever One-Endless End by Shabriri-Lin fight or love quarrel? by NiKi-UzUmAkI Ready for Battle by Salitice Ulquiorra Cifer by PoiChan Face to face by TaracuCapture by Violet-Hydra

:bulletwhite:”No matter how similar your appearance and techniques may be to those of an Arrancar their power is as far apart as heaven and earth. When a Shinigami or Human wishes to gain power, imitating Hollows is an appropriate course of action. However, because they are imitating, Humans will never be equal to Hollows.”


Bleach Ulquiorra by LALAax Ulquiorra test by Jugoria Ulquiorra Cifer Primera Etapa by hizsi Ulquiorra Cifer by LALAax BLEACH Ulquiorra 02 by LALAax BLEACH Ulquiorra 03 by LALAax Ulquiorra by VanillaToxin ulquiorra by manolo-kun Ulquiorra Schiffer by ixxora Ulquiorra V-day by V-Raider Ulquiorra Cifer by SmartCasualTrousers "on you". ulquiorra-cosplay by desearu Ulquiorra Unmasked 1 by hizsi :thumb115390827: In Las Noches by Zettai-Cosplay Ulquiorra Cifer Segunda Etapa by hizsi Ulquiorra Cifer Primera Etapa by hizsi Bleach: Ulquiorra Shiffer by Shin-tyan Bleach:Ulquiorra Shiffer by Shin-tyan :thumb175015554: allein in der dunkelheit by hizsi Heart.... by Zettai-Cosplay Bleach - Ulquiorra by Shin-tyan ulquiorra schiffer by 29122 Dance with the devil by Rogi37 My heart by hizsi ulquiorra schiffer_2 by 29122 :thumb116727400: Ulquiorra Cifer- Segunda Etapa by hizsi

:bulletblack: You are a fool, Ichigo Kurosaki. You challenge an opponent whose strength terrifies you and think that you can win. It is beyond my comprehension. If it is due to what you Humans call a 'heart', it is because of that heart that you suffer injuries and it is because of that heart that you will lose your life.”


:iconwe-love-ulquiorra::iconulquiorrafc::iconulquiorra-shrine::iconichigoulquiorra: :icontherealulquiorrafc::iconulquiorracifer-fans::iconulquiorra-and-espada: :iconxxulquiorrafanclubxx::iconulquiorra-x-grimmjow::icongrimmjow-ulquiorra::iconespada4-ulquiorra-fc::iconulquiorraxhimeclub::iconschiffer-shrine::iconclubulquihime: :iconulquihimefc: :iconulquihimeclub::iconulquiukefc::iconthe-ulquihime-portal::icongrimmulquifc::iconulquiruki-lovers::iconthereall-ulquifc::iconromantiqueeclipse:

:bulletwhite: ” I see. This. Yes. This thing in my hand is the heart?”

Dedicated to :iconrusky-boz:

:thumb196030999: :thumb213348177: :thumb163854881: :thumb214099047: :thumb172505498: :thumb188255795: :thumb200887190: :thumb182940170::thumb294101632::thumb312423213:

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Feature of the character Ulquiorra from the anime/manga series Bleach.
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